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Blood in the Valley (Vigilati, #2) - J.K. Hogan Original review posted along with an interview with J.K. Hogan here: http://wp.me/p2F7sT-1tF

What I liked loved:

The expansion of the wonderful world J.K Hogan has created, the characters, the action, and the romance .

I have adopted Drew as one of my book boyfriends, he is caring, sweet, vulnerable, damaged, HOT, and most of all: he handled the changes to the world around him (and happening in his life) the way my dream man would.

I have also decided that in my next life, I want to be Raven, she has her own moral code - that you after her upbringing only adds to her charm, she kicks major butt, and she has an amazing capacity for love (even if she won't admit it to herself!).

We also get to peek in on Isla and Jere, Jere's mysterious brother, and even his mom (who helped to raise Drew)! (I also really liked Ray)

The romance was wonderful, showing that two flawed, yet strong characters can overcome their fears and strengthen their weaknesses together.

This series features truly strong women who don't sit back and wait for their men to fix things for them - for me, this is imperative in a Paranormal Romance series that has a female protagonist . You won't find whiny chits who either want someone to fight their battles or who want to know "why me" with the Vigilati Series. These heroines roll with the punches, get back up, acknowledge their weaknesses, kick some major butt , and love their men.

It is no secret that I love PNR, that being said - I have standards and I tend to set the bar rather high. Blood in the Valley not only reached the bar, but bounded right over it! Nothing is better as a reader of PNR than when the author expands the boundaries and rules of that world and makes it believable. And I have to say that by bringing us into her world as the characters learn the rules, Ms Hogan has made every single broken rule and shattered boundary flow naturally with the story.

*FTC Disclosure - I received an ARC of this book for review.