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All right kids I’m not going to lie, I LOVE THIS SERIES! If you haven’t read The Pride Series: you should hit the nearest book store/library/e-book store and start with The Mane Event! *Note there is also mention of The Magnus Pack and having read them makes that even better when you hit that point in the story.*

Toni is the oldest of 11 kids, that’s right, she has 10 younger siblings! These siblings have been for the most part her whole life. Oh, did I fail to mention that they are all child prodigies? Well, they are, every last one of them and Toni manages their schedules and them. Her mother is a famous violinist, her father is the perfect mate and follows her mother everywhere. Now that the family had invaded Manhattan, Toni finds a job outside her immediate family and the chaos and meddling ensues!

Ricky Lee Reed is a patient, laid back wolf. Coming from the Reed/Smith pack he has to be, but something about Toni fires up his protective instincts. The fact that his pregnant sister and cousin are “hounding” him because his ex is in town gives him just the excuse he needs to ensure he is on the protection detail of the cute little jackal he has been sniffing around – Toni!

Toni and Ricky’s relationship was very sweet, and I really loved how patient he was with EVERYTHING. (I want to go to Siberia with him myself.) I did feel that not enough emphasis was put on Toni coming to terms with being something other than her siblings’ keeper. I felt that she really blossomed in that regard, but she herself never addressed it.

Getting to visit with past and new characters was so much fun. Toni’s younger siblings added humor, mayhem, and just the right amount of cute.

If you’re a fan of humor, with side plots, an ever expanding world, and all around GREAT characters, this book series is for you!

Review copy provided through netgalley.