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Fire on the Island (Vigilati, #1) - J.K. Hogan Review originally posted here: http://mamakittyreviews.com/?p=5188

I am always looking for a new paranormal series to read, and I found one!

This first journey into the Bruixi world brings us to the Scottish island of Arran and our heroine, Isla Macallen. Isla owns a successful tour guide business, (although the locals think she is just a guide), and thinks of herself as an ordinary woman who has overcome a traumatic past. Because of the strange tattoo on her neck, the locals have shunned her as a witch.

Dr. Jeremiah Rousseau, or “Jere”, is a parapsychologist who validates or de-bunks ghost stories and other paranormal activities and then writes about his experiences. He is handed the opportunity to head to Scotland to the island to investigate the rumors of a line of witches, that may be related to a life changing event from his past, when his editor forces a vacation on him.

The first books in a new paranormal series can be tricky because we also as readers need an introduction to the world and its rules. This was handled beautifully in Fire on The Island, since Isla and Jere are learning for the first time we get to learn right along with them. I loved this aspect of the book, it made everything work for me.