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Halo of the Damned - Dina Rae Review posted on MamaKittyReviews.com

This book not for the faint of heart, if you have an aversion to blood and gore, rape, incest, or anything cult related; then this book is not for you.
Let’s jump right in with my likes and dislikes.

Likes: The characters, they are all flawed – extremely flawed. Some are redeemable; others make your skin crawl. I know this was the intent, and it takes true talent to portray that in the manner it is done here. I normally don’t add or mention songs in my reviews, but after the first chapter, every time Andel came onto the page I heard the song Scavengers of the Damned by Aiden in my head. I loved that Joanna wasn’t magically cured of her addictive behavior and that she recognized her flaws for what they were. Even the baddies made you want to know what they were doing, thinking, and feeling. Tony – just TONY!!! The creeps – if you are reading a horror novel and you don’t get that cold chills, hair on the back of your neck standing, pit of your stomach dropping feeling, the author just isn’t doing a good job. From page one, Ms Rae brings it and then keeps it coming!

Dislikes: It felt a bit rushed. Maybe the editor cut some of the narrative, but being a longtime fan of this genre, I felt this story deserved another hundred pages, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just my opinion. A few spelling errors and one very noticeable repeat sentence was present, but more than forgivable. Maybe these aren’t so much dislikes, but small complaints.

Overall, I recommend this book to horror fans, conspiracy theorists, and book lovers with a 4 full meows! I started out my love of reading with horror novels and have since traveled far and wide, let me tell you - I am oh so happy to be home with Halo of the Damned!

Link to song mentioned above: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAersib_JHM