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Highlander Most Wanted - Maya Banks Original review: http://mamakittyreviews.com/?p=5473

4.5 Stars!

First of all, this is the second book in the series The Montgomerys and Armstrongs. While not necessary, I recommend reading Never Seduce a Scot before starting this one. Mainly because it’s a Great book and because the back story will help you to better understand our hero Bowen and our heroine Genevieve.

Secondly a small warning, this series is not at all light-hearted romance. This didn’t bother me , but some of you may not appreciate the severity of some of the themes and actions taken by the villains. *Spoiler (Our heroine has been raped and is ostracized by those around her.)*

The good: There is so much emotion and strength of character in both Bowen and Genevieve. Maya Banks has an extraordinary talent for bringing emotion off the page and making the reader empathize with her characters. Genevieve is scarred physically and she is treated horribly by those around her, yet still manages to forgive and love. Bowen is so very honorable and becomes torn to the point that I just wanted to hold him and tell him everything would be all right. It took so much for these two to really come together and get their HEA that at one point I wasn’t sure they would. The supporting characters were fabulous, the good and the bad. If you read the first book, you already know the Montgomerys and Armstrongs, if not – don’t worry, you’ll love them. We get to see so more of the McHugh clan, as well as meet the McInnis clan.

Remember, attitudes of the time and behaviors were very different than they are now. I feel that while Ms Banks’s inclusion of these themes make this series darker than some may want, she handles them very well and gives the reader a truly believable romance. Plus, who doesn’t love a heroine who stands strong in the face of adversity and a noble hero with a heart of gold?

The bad: That I have to wait for the next book: Highland Ever After

Favorite Quote: “There were worse things than death, as she’d discovered. Sometimes living took far more courage. Facing another day. Enduring. Those things took strength. Far more than dying.”