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Stuck on You - Heather Thurmeier Review originally posted here: http://mamakittyreviews.com/?p=5462

To be honest with you, after reading Falling for You, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book and I wasn’t disappointed.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to have loveable Paige in the spotlight in this one. She is out to redeem herself after her less than stellar appearance on The One and to spend some quality time with her new best friend Cassidy. This go around her and Cassidy will be paired up on the new show Treasure Trekkers (The Amazing Race meets Geo caching). Paige discovers shortly after arriving that not only will Cassidy not be competing, but that the producers have already filled Cassidy’s spot with none other than Zoe Oliver. Zoe was really quite cruel and shallow in the last book, so I was very anxious to see how this would play out.

Paige soon meets up with Jack Miles (Miles) from an opposing team and they have instant chemistry. Miles has his own reasons for being leery of Zoe.

The hilarity ensues as the teams compete to find the prizes and Paige tries to find her inner Diva. I truly enjoyed watching Paige gain confidence and seeing her break down the barriers of Zoe’s icy exterior. For me, this book was about overcoming for Miles *swoon*, Ben (Miles’ best friend), Paige, and Zoe.

The only thing that really aggravated me was Paige and Zoe’s insistence on wearing stiletto heels for tasks like climbing and hiking. I understand the image they were trying to set, but it seemed unrealistic for them to have been taken seriously.

Overall, Heather Thurmeier gives us a funny, sweet, and insightful romance and I will definitely be reading Zoe’s story in the next book.