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Undone (The Amoveo Legend, #4) - Sara  Humphreys Sara Humphreys has been on my auto buy list since I read the first book in this series (Unleashed), so it's no surprise that when I received an email from Sourcebooks to review Unleashed I nearly peed my pants in excitement. No really, I had the complete fan girl squee going on!

You probably want to know at this point what makes me so excited over a book, so I'm going to tell you gush. The world of the Amoveo is set up so perfectly that you feel like you live there. The characters are so tangible, you feel like you actually know them. You feel their emotions, not because they are told to you, but because they are shown to you - in technicolor, in 3-D, in digital surround sound!

Okay, okay - get to the review already!!

What I liked loved:

The characters! Marianna who is portrayed as the shallow party girl just happens to be a strong willed and kind alpha female that has had her world turned upside down. Pete who comes across as alpha to the core, but shows hidden depths that are more than swoon worthy. Not only does the sexy man know his way around a snow mobile, he has his own issues, the least of which are his insecurities where Marianna is concerned. I have to say, the way he dealt with his insecurities and the changes around him are the reasons why he was became one of my book boyfriends. *ducks flying books* I know the snow mobile scene was hotttt (a must read!), but the depth of his character is what really sealed the deal for me!

The story! While The Amoveo Legend series is definitely paranormal romance and I love the twisted routes the couples take to get their HEAs, the ever expanding story arc is what keeps me coming back book after book. Let me tell you, when Ms Humphreys opens a door in her world, she blows it right off its hinges! In Undone, she expands her world and the story so much that one can't help but anticipate where she will take us next.

What I didn't like:

Normally, I would say waiting for the next installment - but I know that I will be reading Tall, Dark, and Vampire in August when it comes out. (The first book in the spin off series Dead in the City).

If you haven't read this series and you are a fan of paranormal romance, urban fantasy, romance, or just great reading material in general - Pick up this series, set aside some "me time", and GET READING!

FTC Disclosure: I received an ARC of this book from the publisher for the purpose of a fair and honest review.