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Eleven (The Brandon Fisher FBI Series - Book 1) - Carolyn Arnold 3.5 stars.

Brandon Fisher is on his probationary period with the FBI and his first case is one for the record books. This is a rather dark story (Hannibal Lecter worthy serial killer and a very imperfect main character). Early in the investigation, this case gets personal for Special Agent Fisher. We as readers get a first person view into the FBI procedures as well as the mind of our special agent. The plot and pacing were spot on, and nothing is given away too early.

Here is where my review takes on a personal tone. The story is told in both first person (with Brandon) and third person (with several other characters). I had a hard time adjusting to this however, not so much that I quit reading. (Yes kids, the plot was that engaging). I also had some issues with Brandon as a person, but my issues with him were also something necessary to the plot of the story and made for a very good progression device.

You really do get to know the main cast of characters, and they are fleshed out very well. About a third of the way through this book I really appreciated the different narratives (the switching between first and third person), and could see how it really helped to tell the story in the best way possible.

Overall this is a book I really enjoyed and I will be reading the next in the Brandon Fisher FBI Series: Silent Graves (late 2013).